Asbestos Framework Launch

We are pleased to announce that the Asbestos Survey and Removal Framework has now been renewed and extended in scope and suppliers.
We had a massive response from the industry with 110 expressions of interest and in the end 46 compliant bids. We have awarded the new framework to 26 suppliers (10 survey 16 removal) and attach the tender report for information. You can find more information on the framework under the frameworks tab. If you need more information please contact me or Cliff via email: info@
This framework is open to all public sector bodies and RPs and has a much enlarged value (£100m) across the two lots. Our sister consortia will also be accessing the framework as part of our cross-HCA cooperation and sharing of resources, bringing greater efficiencies to our members..


and Associated frameworks


If you are after more information on the asbestos removal feel free to contact us following the link below.