Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a load of questions, and if you have any more questions we will be sure to answer them for you.

Why Westworks?

Westworks provides a more cost-effective, efficient product procurement, improved service levels and shared best practice. By engaging with and providing support to the users and suppliers at operational delivery level, Westworks will ensure that all stakeholders get the very best from the arrangements. By being an active member of the delivery team and providing a link between similar contracts and works across the consortium, Westworks ensures that innovation, best practise and early warnings are shared and also encourage cross organisation collaboration. In short, Westworks will be the guardian of contract arrangements to ensure that members are getting what it says on the tin..

What is Commonly procured by using framework agreements?

Framework agreements are typically used where the authority knows they are likely to have a need for particular products or services, but are unsure of the extent or schedule. Frameworks may be used to procure small to medium projects, long-term partnerships, even mopping up programms. Flexibility is the watch-word..

Do frameworks agreements need to be advertised in ojeu?

If the procurement is being paid for out of the public purse and the value of all potential call-offs is estimated to exceed the EU thresholds (and it is not excluded by part B of the regulations) then yes, the framework agreement should be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). However, the individual call-offes do not need to be re-advertised..

How do i get involved as a supplier?

Click on the supplier registration button, once registered you will be automatically notified via email of any opportunities that fall onto the categories you registered under..

If i register will i be automatically on the approved supplier list?

No, you will only be notified of the tender opportunities. To become an “approved supplier” you must have been successful on one or more of our current framework tenders..

I am a small company - Is it worth being involved?

Most definitely yes! SME’s are the life blood of the local economy. Our frameworks are designed to allow any size of company the chance of supplying our members. There are no minimum (or maximum) size of turnover criteria on our frameworks..

We cannot cover the whole Westworks area - Will we be excluded?

No, all call-offs are defined by post-code area not region, county, etc.This gives smaller providers an equal opportunity to bid. You tell us where you can supply/ operate and as long as you qualify you have the opportunity..