Lot 10 – General Building

OJEU Ref: 2016/S 099-177035


This framework provides contractors to manage traditional or off-site new build projects from small developments to large scale programmes. The requirements of the main management contractors include:

  • All developments conform to the latest codes of practice, building regulations and Housing Community Association (HCA) Design & Quality Standards
  • Obtain permission and give notices required by Local Authority laws
  • Construction to meet the mandatory energy standard and provide a minimum 60 year lifespan
  • Liaise with the client representative, principal designer and other service providers.
  • Meet sound insulation requirements; specified building warranties and register the development with relevant companies
  • Comply and maintain welfare and health & safety requirements
  • Use materials to adhere to the Green Guide to housing specifications
  • Undertake a site visit to ascertain conditions, restrictions and suitability for the proposed solution
  • To employ groundworkers and build to the member’s specifications.


United Living

Access To Solution:

Solutions may be engaged at any stage of the framework and are adapted to suit the needs of the user within the context of the arrangement.

Selection of provider is by Mini-competition via Westworks portal.

To access this solution please contact the Westworks team