Passenger Lift Maintenance EEM34

Framework Ref: EEM0034
Start Date: 16th Jan 2017
End Date: 15th Jan 2021
Ojeu Contract Notice: 2016/S 220-401127
Ojeu Award Notice: 2017/S 006-008677

The main elements covered by this framework are repairs and associated works relating to;

  •     All lift equipment located within the lift well, machine room and on landings etc
  • All lighting associated with the lifts, lift well, lift machine room and lift car enclosure (including replacing lamps where required).
  • Maintenance of intercom or telephone system equipment and maintenance of decorative finishes to the lift car enclosure, door panels and architraves is excluded.
  • Validation of current asset register and on-going record keeping


Access To Solution:

Solutions may be engaged at any stage of the framework and are adapted to suit the needs of the user within the context of the arrangement.

To access this solution please contact the Westworks team