Printing, Fulfilment & Mailing EEM25

Framework Ref: EEM0025

Start Date: 12th Sept 2016

End Date: 11th Sept 2020

Ojeu Contract Notice 2016/S 109-194361

Ojeu Award Notice 2016/S 175-314331

This framework has been established for the provision of a printing, fulfilment and mailing service.

Services include:

  • Bulk printing, fulfilment and mailing such as:
    • ┬áRent statements
    • Council Tax bills
    • Newsletters
    • Annual reports
    • Appointment letters
    • Stickers (e.g. for waste bins etc)
    • Surveys
  • Management of inserts such as direct debit mandates and information leaflets
  • Mail sorting services including postage discounts
  • Data validation
  • Range of fulfilment options including envelopes, polywrap, bespoke address carrier sheets
  • Desktop mailing services
  • Mail management reporting and audit
  • Translation services

In addition to the above, other printing and mailing requirements can be specified during a mini competition process.


Access To Solution:

Solutions may be engaged at any stage of the framework and are adapted to suit the needs of the user within the context of the arrangement.

To access this solution please contact the Westworks team