New Professional Services Framework Launched 1st July

Westworks are pleased to announce that the Employers Agent, Clerk of Works and Principle Designer (CDM2015 Regs) framework has been awarded.

This framework replaces the previous framework and has been greatly enhanced and embraces the requirements under the latest regulations.

We have also split each work-stream into two parts; traditional construction and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). This is because it is widely recognised, especially in the South and South-west of England and South Wales, that the impact of major infrastructure and utilities project in the region is going to have a significant impact on the availability of traditional construction skills and materials. By having the right skill sets to engage and manage MMC our members can still deliver their development strategies despite the pressures on the region.

All services are accessed by simple mini-competition managed by Westworks and may be called off as long-term partnerships meaning that members and providers can engender closer and more collaborative relationships and thereby deliver significant efficiencies and savings. Similarly, where members need simple, project-based call-off contracts, this can be achieved very quickly too.

To see the scope of the framework and the individual provider please see the frameworks pages.