What We Do

Westworks creates and manages frameworks and contracts based on the members’ needs and requirements.By maintaining internal competition between appointed suppliers we can be sure that the arrangements offer exceptional value and keep on delivering. The solutions are procured in accordance with EU directives and UK Regulations.

As one of the 13 Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) backed consortia providing procurement and management solutions for social landlords. Westworks works closely with sister consortia to take advantage of even larger procurement activities through joint procurement as well as seeking solutions for members’ needs which are not directly covered by Westworks solutions. By collaborating more widely than just its members Westworks has been able to deliver a very wide range of solutions without increasing costs; another example of driving efficiency into delivery.

Westworks Procurement Ltd was incorporated in April 2011 and is a not-for profit company wholly owned by its members and is funded by recovering a small commission direct from each supplier.


To be a procurement organisation of choice, enabling and supporting housing providers to achieve great value for money through collaboration

This vision is based on the adopted core activities and sustains the founding ethos of delivering procurement efficiencies

Westworks Members